The guys and girl that are Wild Horses have been working on trying to get some new music recorded for you guys. There are a few new irons in the fire, and we can't wait to see how they turn out. Meanwhile, between trying to coordinate our collective schedules and trying to stay cool, we're still finding the time to get out there and do our thang.... and loving it. A couple of quick shout-outs to our buddy Mike Louis, who is recovering nicely... We're pulling for bud... and R B ... the bus is the bomb. Much love to the herd, and we'll see y'all down the road.




Jan 3rd Bo's Barn ( Temple, Tx )

MARCH 2015
March 7th Bo's Barn ( Temple, Tx )

APRIL 2015
April 25th Bo's Barn ( Temple, Tx )

JULY 2015
July 25th Bo's Barn ( Temple, Tx )

Sept 12th Bo's Barn ( Temple, Tx )

Nov 14th Bo's Barn ( Temple, Tx )




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